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Pastor Frank D. Stevenson6/17/2014
Sermon Title: Under Construction Part 1 " When you finish part 1 you should hear Part 2".

God said Iam a blessed6/17/2014
God Said Iam blessed

Pastor Frank D. Stevenson6/17/2014
St. Luke PB Church Pastor Frank D. Stevenson Sermon TItle: Under Construction Part 2 Anointed.. A must hear!!

Pastor Mason of Locust Ridge Church5/6/2013
The Blood still works and it has never lost its POWER. Annual Choir Day!!!

Pastor Stevenson3/31/2013
Just do it!!

Pastor Stevenson3/31/2013
Godly Women

Pastor Stevenson3/31/2013
Blessed Street

Pastor Stevenson3/31/2013
Open and Closer

Pastor Stevenson9/25/2012
How to love a hater

Elder Frank D. Stevenson3/31/2012
Sex Sin